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Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence – Book Review!


It was an honor and a privilege to read “Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence” and share in the life journey of Dr. Loren Due’s from a life of rape, incest, sexual abuse, promiscuity, and perversion and onto the road of healing and deliverance from the spirit of lust through his Christian Faith and learning to trust in our Lord Jesus to regain his stolen innocence/identity.

This spirit of lust has captivated our societies and cultures that we are bombarded everyday with seductive imagery, sounds and smells appealing to the emotional, physical, and psychological senses where we become more concerned with satisfying our urges no matter how, even if it is at the expense of those, we claim we love.

I can honestly say I did not expect to be confronted head-on from chapter one with this in-your-face-can’t-get-away account of the author’s ordeal. As a Christian Deliverance Minister, it is normal for someone to confess things they have done or had done to them to you; someone they consider is far removed from family or connection to their past, who would not judge but would show the Love of Christ and help them heal.

So, I opened this book expecting the expected from past reads…The usual watered-down recount full of fluff not to offend but written to warm me up, give me time to prepare and decide whether I really do want to know what he is trying to tell me, and at the end of the story, find out that it is far from the harsh reality of truth.

Kind of the same way we go about it, when we try to tell family members…not wanting to upset anyone and when we do tell, its sugar coated with…” would you let Jimmy babysit your kids?” Responded by “Jimmy’s my favorite nephew? He can come and go anytime. Why do you ask?” This is when we shut up and think they won’t believe so we keep Jimmy’s rape hidden deep inside, and respond with “Oh, it’s nothing. Yes, Jimmy is a nice young man. He is going to go far.”

But it was not so with “Teddy Bear: Stolen Innocence.” From page one of Chapter One, Dr. Due told his story, gripping me in a vice grip and captivating my attention to the very end. This is a real-life story told within the harsh confines of Truth, that has been a long time missing in the Non-Fiction section of our public libraries. Black America has hidden these deep dark secrets for too long as generational family secrets being kept hidden in our ‘Don’t tell policy’ as if they were memories to be treasured instead of rejected. But we can no longer believe those lies that some things are better off not said.

This time, we have no choice with this up-front and personal account, as we are made to sit down and truly read/listen to the hurt, pain and damages that have ravished and ravaged our society and families. The case studies at the end were filled with mind jarring recounts of this infection across racial lines and economies.

We read of the family division and break up of homes and family relationships, some seeming irreparable. This cuts deep into the vein and heart of families everywhere across this earth. It is time that we open Pandora’s Box and shine the light of Truth into this pitch-black darkness. It is time for us to heal and be set free in Jesus Name. It is time that our families and our society allow us to unzip our lips, zip up our pants and closes our legs.

Thank you Dr. Due for showing us your heart and allowing our Lord Jesus to use you to expose these demons that have plagued us for centuries old and help set generations free from this bondage and shame in Jesus Name. God bless you.

May the Spirit of the Lord overshadow you, Evangelist Lana Neita, An Endtimes Warrior Bride

Servant to the Bride of Jesus Christ

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