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How to avoid tricks and traps of the Enemy!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021


You are probably wondering why I would write an article on “How To” avoid something with each of us human beings demonstrating in our lifetime such unique characteristics. I am writing this article because my wife and I met the nicest young man recently who we listened to and personally met who has such an effervescence personality. The young man we met last evening was a single young man who is a pastor over an exceptionally large church in a metropolitan area.

One of the things I have learned over time is that it is imperative to protect the gift you have from the Lord. So many are curious about the gifts you have and some of them become jealous over time as they see the Lord working in your life. Our new pastor friend is a very gifted preacher who should protect what God has given him by being cautious about the people who want to be his friend; however, it is a delicate way of life to live and yet be careful of the people who may be out to do you harm. We see a gift of generosity in this young pastor that is unheard of for his age.

The reason this young man and many like him must be cautious about the people that approach them is because there seems to be so many individuals who are not grounded in family values. Many of these individuals that I am referring to were seriously neglected as children. Not that their parents were bad people, but they were parents of a time that focused on taking care of personal needs no matter what. Many of these parents both worked and some even worked two and three jobs to give the appearance of financial success to their peers.

While these parents were working so many jobs or finding ways to have financial success their children suffered. The children were left alone for long periods of time and because of the neglect found ways to not only survive but found ways to get into things that young children should not have been exposed to. Our society has changed and many of the values that were once our heritage are no longer important.

This article will not expose all the trips and traps commonly encountered by humankind but will share enough points to help you be alert to some of the pitfalls. On the other hand, the concept of abuse has over 100 sub-categories that relate to it which is a subject that I write a lot about. These pitfalls are manifested in natural and spiritual dimensions of life.

Most all humankind has enemies; they just take shape in different ways. Some of the people who are out to take advantage of you are not incredibly careful and they give clues about their plan of attack on you. While others are not very subtle about their attacks they attack anyway without reservation or hesitation on your character and personage. These attacks are meant to cripple you and, in some instances, destroy you.

Some of the tricks and traps of your enemies are:

  • Blaming you for a mistake they made

  • Blaming you for a mistake you did not make

  • Indirectly hurting you

  • Lying on you and to you

  • Promising you something then changing their mind

  • Pretending they love you

  • Pretending to be your friend

  • Sowing discord among your family and friends

  • Starting confusion among friends

  • Starting whisper campaigns among your friends

  • Telling you one thing and telling others something else

  • Setting you up and leaving you

  • Using deceptive tactics

These are only a sample of the many tricks and traps use to destroy people. It is amazing to know that humankind can be so cruel and vicious toward one another, especially if they claim to be a Christian. All I can say is that some humans can be extremely cruel and down-right mean to one another. I believe this behavior is because all seven or so billion people on this planet are imperfect.

Our young friend in the beginning of the article must assess his situation as he goes about doing good for others knowing that although he trusts in a loving God all his encounters will not have the same agenda or goal he has. We must strive to be alert to our surroundings because when trouble often comes it (trouble) gives a warning. Even with this warning our young friend should live life to fullest in hopes that the great protector will give him warning of those who would destroy him and his reputation.

One of the most prolific attacks comes from those who are self-proclaimed Jezebels. Those who practice being a Jezebel are categorized according to Revelation 2:20 (KJV) 20 Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. Jezebel in the scripture is described as one who calls herself to be a prophetess, not that she is. She is also being accused of some extremely sick things by her seductive powers and enticing people to eat things sacrificed to idols.

Our pastor friend and other ministers of the gospel must be aware of the all-out attack being waged by the Jezebels of the world in the church and out of it. It seems that the attack is escalating as we see more pastors and ministers leaving the ministry. We live in a time when it seems so many have no shame. They will do and say anything and dare you to challenge them. I say in the name of Jesus, Satan rebuke you and let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth. Be silent now in Jesus Name –enemy.

As you continue your journey be certain that there are those who would even take you down even though you are not famous or in the spotlight. Humans that have a need to be more than they are appear in all places of life with tricks and traps looking for human prey. Keep your guard up knowing that everybody who says they are your friend may not be.

Are you paying attention to your surroundings!

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