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About us

What to expect

We warmly welcome you to our web site and hope that something inside these internet pages will be a blessing to you and yours. These pages were created with you in mind.

Regardless of your level of knowledge, we have attempted to design this information in a way that is easy to read and digest into your spirit.


Our goal is to provide ministry that affects your whole person – Spirit, Soul and Body.

We have between us 100 years of experience in sharing our spiritual gifts.


What the Lord gives us to give to you we share and do not hold back, i.e. sometime that sharing produces joy, pain and other human emotions that you only can acknowledge as you experience it. You are encouraged to let us know if you are in overload.


The primary intent of this work is to be uplifting and building you up in the most Holy Faith.

You are encouraged to ask questions and share your testimonies and victories as they happen. Would you share your experience gained from this site with others who might have an interest in what we do and benefit from the exposure?

We welcome and thank you in advance for allowing us to be a part of your life.


We believe in miracles and signs/wonders from the Lord!

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