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I say to myself I shall live!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Would this title not be nice if you were really doing this kind of self-talk while you are wallowing in depression and pain. To see someone, capture a title that gives you hope at a time like this at first might anger you because you immediately think I cannot do that! I do not want to live! I want to die. Whether you are a believer or non-believer if you are sunk in the bowels of depression and pain there are moments you want to end it all – at least that is what your mouth is saying. Thank God!

Because most people that really want to kill themselves put a plan together, execute the plan, write the note and do the awful deed – they do not reach out hoping someone is there to dry their tears and wipe their eyes. People like you who are depressed and in pain who say I want to die are really saying I want to feel love, someone to comfort them or someone who will simply talk to them about the depression and the pain.

The depression or pain or whatever it is that ails you is meant to destroy you. But you must be aware that in life every person will experience some rain and challenges. The key is not that you have these challenges but how you respond to them. Your response and actions taken determine how you live your life or die!

When your emotions are challenged it influences all systems in your body. The Creator made us in a manner that we could handle some depression and pain, but when the breaking point is reached, we must find a way to ease the pain or we could completely loose it. That is probably where you are not now since you are reading this article, or you are awfully close to that breaking point. If any of this is familiar to you the next few sentences will possibly give you a glimpse of hope.

Some people want to know when you talk to them who did this, or some will say you did this to yourself! What is needed at this juncture is not blaming someone else or something else or even not blaming yourself, but understanding, compassion and a solution to alleviate the depression and the pain. The reason it is necessary to deal with the challenge immediately is to avoid allowing self to slip into a place of deeper depression that produces negative thoughts and behavior.

Now is the time to say to self “I will not succumb to negative thoughts and behavior.” This becomes your moment of transition from allowing negativity to control you to you reaching for and saying the positive phrase of the title of this article. “I say to myself I shall live!”

Wherever you are in the downfall of depression and pain by you reading this article you know “Now” is the time to literally say to yourself why did he title this article “I will say to myself I shall live!” By saying the phrase, you are telling yourself to reject those negative thoughts of suicide, self-defeat, and other debilitating behavior. By you acknowledging and saying the phrase you are saying to yourself that you want to be happy, at peace without self-destruction and other destroying behavior.

Now is the time to acknowledge to your self I will say to “myself” I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. That is what Psalm 118:17 (KJV) 17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. I shorten the title to get your attention to enlighten you that there is a better way of life that can alleviate depression, pain, and other debilitating behaviors from your life. It is based on the scripture Psalm 107:20 (KJV) 20 He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. If you believe the Word of the Lord, then when you begin to say and think the phrase your healing and deliverance begins.

The reason I say your treatment began when you said the title is because I believe we were not created to be depressed continuously, or in pain, or any other type of feeling that makes us feel less than a person. We were placed on this earth for a purpose and a plan. When something or someone violates us, we have a right and responsibility to ourselves, to find wholeness and happiness. By you embracing the title and the scripture that it comes from you become a candidate for Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation.

Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation when employed in Prophetic Counseling blesses you to deal with the source that caused the depression or pain. When you exercise your faith in God and work with the Prophetic Counselors you will experience healing and deliverance to what extent depends on your faith and trust in the Lord.

The Prophetic Counselors uses their gifts from the Lord to minister to you and guide you in exercising your faith. The process calls for you to request the help of the Prophetic Counselors and to see it though until you are restored, renewed, replenished, and refreshed to wholesomeness.

Pain is not for Life™

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