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Will you join the One-World church?


People are saying that the One-World church is now forming and is looking for followers. This was talked about in whispered tones fifty years ago and now it sounds like reality is about to set in. Who would try and unite the body of Christ on the earth as Jesus prayed about oneness in the garden?

For the body of Christ to come together on this earth would take a great leader to pull all the factions together because some of the reason’s division came is very real today. So many believers are following remarkably diverse beliefs that would not allow them to unify with other believers over one issue.

Believers in Jesus Christ are divided over such doctrines as follows and the following is not by any means an exhausted list:

· Apostles

· Evangelist

· Form of worship

· Free Will

· Grace

· Jesus Only

· Mixing of the races

· Pastor

· Pope

· Priest

· Prophet

· Same-Sex Marriage

· Speaking in tongues

· Teacher

· The Bible

· Tithes

· Trinity

· Women having equal rights in ministry as men

· Works

· Worship of Mary the Mother of Jesus

The list is no way exhaustive and could take on any number of configurations once “ALL” the issues that separate are put on the table and looked at for resolution. For resolution to be effective all parties must come to a mutual understanding and agreement. The thing that is amazing is that all the issues are arising from the same foundation of the Holy Bible with various individuals and concerns putting their spin on the issues.

It is so interesting to see all the various interpretations of scripture and how it has brought separation and division among God’s people. Jesus prayer in the garden was for us “the Church” to be one. This begs the question how we will become one world church here on this planet if this is not God’s plan for us. I think the way men are going about it is not the plan of God for here and now.

The reason I say I do not think the way men are going about the unification of the church is directed by Lord is because the Roman Catholic Pope is saying that everyone should come under the umbrella of the Catholic Church. When I read in my Bible the references to the Catholic Church presents a picture of that church that does not line up with the Word of God in many of the basic beliefs of the Christian Church.

It would be difficult for the Christian Church to come under the umbrella of the Catholic Church when so many basic tenets are unresolvable since they are mostly directly opposed to what the Word of God says in the Holy Bible.

I believe Christians everywhere should be aware of the spirit of deception and Anti-Christ that is in the earth attempting to draw people into false doctrine(s) for the man of sin, the false prophet and the “beast!” The book of Revelation, Daniel, I Thessalonians, II Corinthians and others give a noticeably clear picture of the end-time.

The real question is why are some that say they are children of God willing to follow those who deny the power and who deny that Jesus is Lord of All. The Word of God says that all will confess him as Lord and Savior one day and those who deny him will go into the uttermost darkness (Hell).

The true saints of God will stand on the truth and not deny the Living Jesus who died for our sins and now sits at the right hand of the father as our High Priest. These truth saints will try the spirit by the Word to determine and know that the Catholic Church is not grounded on the solid Word of God and has a trap (deception) to pull all those who will deny the true faith into apostasy. We know that long-ago the Catholic Church modified the Bible and as a result there are sixty-books of the Bible that we now use as the true Word of God.

Regardless of what people believe Jesus is coming back for His church that is without spot or wrinkle or any such thing to meet His saints in the air. Once we are raptured (Caught Away) from this place we will be with the Lord for eternity. We must not lose sight of the promises in the Word of God that lets us know that the man of sin will be revealed, and that deception will cause many to fall away and others to walk against the principles of God.

Will you or your denomination join the One-World church?

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