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What can we learn from Black History?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021


Learning is not something that everyone embraces; nor is it something that everyone accepts that which is taught. It is obvious from the way some people behave that they did not learn certain lessons when they were growing up. I understand that some of them did not learn anything because they were not taught anything by their parent(s) or guardian. You can see from some the way they carry themselves or even how they dress who influenced them.

Some need a formal school setting to learn whereas others learn from the street where they live and play every day. The structure in our society in most places call for learning in a structured environment starting from Nursery School to Twelve Grade, then for some to go on to advance studies. You do have momentum accelerating when it comes to the home-schooling process where more families when they can afford it keep their children home for private home schooling.

One of the guiding principles for learning of recent years falls on the shoulder of resources and the debate about the quality of learning on the fact that our society seems to put less priority on education than before. The reason I believe this change in priority is based on the shrinking “all-mighty-dollar” and the scarcity of resources. People and economist say the resources are shrinking but I believe everything God gave us to work with at the beginning is still here; it is not in the forms we once knew.

It is incumbent on those responsible for being the providers to discover where the shrinking resources are to remove any level of excuse that money is scarce and make those rediscovered resources available. There must be for advance learning funding a better way for people to fund their learning choices. What is needed is a way that when people finish the learning process and they have acquired a basic or advance degree that they are not in debt when they pursue their career.

How can people in their right mind pursue any specialty from learning if it is not going to help them produce a reasonable living from their efforts? Granted not everyone and everything is driven by the “All-Mighty-Dollar!” There are some people who genuinely want to learn to improve themselves and others around them. Pursuing a specialty learning area can be quite consuming and costly. We must remember some people who have no formal advanced education and have found ways to become self-made millionaires and more!

You are probably saying to yourself when is he going to get to the point of the article and we are at that point now. Each year for how many years I do not know we have had February as Black History Month. The obvious question some uninformed person will ask why don’t we have White History Month? I wonder is the answer that all the so-called history taught is tainted and skewed from the truth! Is Black History Month on the calendar to appease people of color because of racism or only plain inaccurate reporting in the history books and classes?

If you know the answer to any of the above questions feel free to respond to me or write me at P O Box 18, Victorville, CA 92393. It is downright disgusting to learn that the truth you thought you knew turns out to be lies and deception. And the truth is hidden in plain sight or buried in a book that has not gotten the proper publicity.

What is the advantage to the people who have hid the truth from the world of black history? Some may believe that they have been in control of what people think and do; only to find out that their days are numbered, and truth will find its way to bookshelves and internet publicist and others. The hidden stories will be told, and the balance of power will shift from the Anglo people to people of color all over the world.

In the world the power shift that is occurring between the Anglo and people of color without much fan fair or publicity, but the truth is being told and people who have been victims of disgrace, falsity and lies receive a glimmer of hope. Even with the election of a black president in America which on one hand was a fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s dream, but on the other hand it released all the hostility and hate of Anglos all over America.

This hate and hostility are aimed at the president but taken out on black people all over America especially black men. If they could kill the president like the government killed the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, they would in a heartbeat. They are afraid they will make a martyr of Barack Obama. With Barack Obama they would now have two black men as martyrs with a holiday for more than for their presidents!

Regardless of what the Anglos in America do all people of color (brown, black, red, and yellow) know they must stick together because the control days of the Anglos is soon to come to an end, but in the meantime, we must unbury the truth and make sure every person of color know the truth about all our histories and struggles.

Several ways to disseminate the truth about us would be (1) publish books, (2) publish pamphlets, (3) articles, (4) do plays in the theatre and on television, (5) tell the stories from the pulpit to the door, (6) involve government officials who are not part of the problem to start speaking out about the truth and release classified data about people of color from the top to the bottom, (7) pay the restitution owed children of black slaves in America and (8) any other idea to get the truth to the public so they can make intelligent choices about life.

This article is not going to tell you specifics about “What we can learn from Black History,” but it is suggesting that you ask all the questions you can of your older relatives in hopes they asked all the questions of their relatives who sons and daughters of slaves were. Every story must be told, and every young person needs to be about going to school or determine how they are going to take care of themselves.

One thing you can learn from Black History month is that I am a black man who writes, speaks, teaches, prays, administers, married to an incredible wife I love, and I love my family and my God. You must take the time to discover what you need to know about Black History that will empower you and propel you into your purpose and destiny.

Are you asking questions of those who can tell you the truth?

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