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Somebody’s Gotta “Due” It!


You will probably be asking yourself when this article is complete, am I the one who this article is referring to! Hopefully, the answer will be no. My assignment from the Lord is to communicate with the hurt and those who “DUE” the hurting.

Let me clarify one thing early on the word do and due which are pronounced the same but have different meanings is used throughout this article as “DUE.” This article uses the word “DUE” as a substitute for do. I discovered that someone else has a whole program dedicated to “Somebody’s Gotta Due It” and to guard

against infringement it is easier to use my last name since so many people over

my lifetime have taken the liberty to use my name whatever way they chose.

When you write about the hurt and those who hurt others it becomes evident that between the two groups of people an immense amount of pain is created. So many try different things to mask the pain or otherwise simply hide it in plain sight. Seeing those who are hiding in plain sight only happens for people who are gifted and have a sense of the intuitive and/or as the Lord selects.

The people of the world are on a speedy course of destruction orchestrated by the arch enemy of God. So many in the world do not know the detail of what is happening in the world, only by hearsay and some by full knowledge of Gods’ written word the bible. Once people come to the knowledge of the truth of the bible some will be encapsulated, and others become fixated on doing God’s will. We only live once on this earth and then the end either heaven or hell.

Scripture teaches that the time we live in has never happened before as one unit of measure but happened individually during the time of Noah and Lot. Noah tried for a hundred and twenty years to get some help building the Ark and not even one stranger worked their way on the Ark to find safety from the wrath of God. During Lot’s time Abraham attempted to bargain with God to prevent the full destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; but God could not even find 10 righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah. He essentially found one person – Lot. You wonder what God would find looking at America – NOW?

I listen to some saints some time in their prayers and conversations asking God not to destroy America. America and the rest of the world are temporary and will be no more when God renovates it. What many do not know is that with CERN (“Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”) being the modern-day Tower of Babel we do not have long to occupy this earth. What are they going to do with what comes out of CERN or what Pope Francis does to bring everybody under the control of the One World Church?

Somebody’s Gotta “Due” it by fulfilling the scripture spoken by Jesus when He said when He returns the world will be like a combination of the times of Noah and Lot all rolled into one. Let me take a moment and refresh your memory of those times when you found people buying, selling, and deep into sexual immorality and marrying and divorcing. The combination of the times of Noah and Lot are most interesting in that it they were like today except they were multiplied 1000-fold.

You have read through all this info wondering what the punch line is! The punch line is that the Supreme Court of America made a move that legalized same-sex marriage that provided an avenue for Homosexual individuals to marry men with men and women with women. Well, Jesus said how it would be when He comes back to catch His bride away and all evidence indicates it is going exactly as Jesus prophesied. Therefore, some bodies Gotta “Due” it to fulfill the prophecy of Jesus; be spotless, blameless and without wrinkle or any such thing or marry as a same-sex person.

Have you determined in your spirit that you are going to be ready when Jesus comes back or are you going to be one of those who are doing everything, they are big enough to do that is not pleasing to the Lord? If ever a time has come for people to find themselves preparing or already prepared for the return of the Lord is now. The way some people are behaving which fulfills the prophecy by Jesus that it would be like the times of Noah and Lot when He returns. This means that if you roll the two time periods together you get the most grosses perverse time ever in the history of the world.

When you study the two events separately you discover how similar they were and yet if you put the two together you have gross perversion happening simultaneously like what is happening today. Since it was prophesied by a prophet and we know Jesus to be a true prophet “Somebody’s Gotta “Due!” it which is evident by the immense amount of sexual immorality found in our society and the church. Any time you have a higher divorce rate in the church community than the secular you know you are in deep water.

The whole effort by the Homosexual community to not only have its way by same-sex marriage being the law in every state and the aggressive agenda of spreading the gospel of Homosexuality appears to have no end in sight. People who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ must take a stand in love to continue the spread that gospel to the whole world as we await the return of Jesus Christ.

Are you a SOMEBODY GOTTA DUE IT or you going to do it Jesus way – be holy?

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