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While observing someone last week I noticed how compassionate that person was toward the situation at hand. They just seemed to know that everything would work itself out. On the other hand, I remember watching someone deal with a similar situation and how emotional they became to the point of almost being psychotic. It is amazing the extremes that human beings can exhibit from one situation to the next.

We are all capable of behavior that at times seems out of character and so the question is what causes some to remind calm while others go ballistic. All this behavior can leave the observer in confusion wondering what kind of persons these are with such extreme behavior. This article is not about behavior science but about why some people behave with absolute hostility and hatred while others have soft and tender hearts.

It is so interesting to observe adults, young adults and even children acting in such incoherent ways when something happens that they cannot comprehend or cope with. It seems that sometimes when emotions get out of control people say and do things that they do not remember. For example, when someone dies suddenly and there is no rhythm or reason, and they are considered healthy some will lose it and blame God or whoever for the death.

In essence when they died everyone did not know they had an appointment with death because they were given 4 months to live even though they looked healthy. Communication is the key here because they did not share with anyone, they were given a death sentence by three doctors. You are beginning to wonder what this has to do with the title, a lot!

With all the emotions being flung around for some; the most devastating one is the heart. One scripture describes the heart as deceitful and other calls it the seat of emotions. Whatever you call it, it is central to the whole human psychic. Our heart is everything. Without the heart pumping the blood properly all kinds of ailments including death can occur and some without explanation.

There are two aspects of the heart to consider, one natural and the spiritual one. Sometimes the natural one reflects the nature of the spiritual one. The spiritual one is our focus. The spiritual one has a way of reflecting what is inside the individual by the way signals are sent through the body to act and react to the various situations in life. We all have a spiritual side; it is that some of us are spiritually alive and others the walking dead.

We must be reminded that we all our spirit, we move about in our body and God breathed the breath of life into us to make us alive – this makes us a tri-part being. Our spirit being is invisible, but is reflected in how we act, we speak and do. Each is unique.

So many people are into themselves and do not value others; we also find those in our society who endeavor to keep the peace with everybody regardless of the cost. Then of course you have those in our society today who are filled with schemes to get over on whoever gets in the way. We must not forget those who appear to have no heart and are completely ruthless. According to physiology there are over 235 body types which comprise all seven or eight billion humans on the planet.

That means all we humans have emotions that cause us to act and react to situations some we have control over and others we have absolutely no control concerning. Those situations that we have no control over leaves us in a vulnerable position that put us at the mercy of the uncontrolled situation. Depending on the condition of our spiritual heart is how we respond to the situation we have no control over. Conditioning of the heart from past trauma determines how we response to the situation.

When the spiritual heart has unresolved pain and lingering feelings of agony it reacts to uncontrolled situations typically in violent ways – some time flaying wildly. This behavior is seen in rude patterns of speech and/or physical actions. Often the person gets into verbal altercations, starts fight with any and everybody and demonstrates anti-social behavior. Those actions are because the human heart and the spiritual heart are – BROKEN.

Both hearts need healing and deliverance which is achieved through the simple but complex act of forgiveness of the situation or person that caused the offence in the first place – the thing that triggered the trauma. It is exceedingly difficult to be like Jesus and have a cold-insensitive heart – both natural and spiritual. Jesus had compassion and loved his friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. What was seen in Jesus heart naturally and spiritually when he wept is the reflection of the inside/out. A tender heart like Jesus is one we can all strive to be like.

To have a natural and spiritual heart like Jesus it is essential for the individual who is traumatized to undergo Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation to bring them to a place where they react to uncontrolled situations with ease and compassion of heart. It requires a seven-step process to be able to weep like Jesus:

1. Acknowledge the trigger point 2. Face the trigger point 3. Confront the trigger (if they are available or by proxy) 4. Release the trigger out of your mind 5. Release the trigger out of your spirit 6. Forgive it (if they are available or by proxy) 7. Give it all to Jesus

Once the process has been accomplished then the prayer of faith should be prayed over them and for them to invoke the Holy Spirit to bring about the Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation. For Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation to be lasting the individuals should be persons that confess Jesus as Lord and commit themselves to living lives of God’s holiness.

Are you ready to receive Inner Healing and Spiritual Transformation by means of Prophetic Counseling?

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