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Is your gut the Doctors’ and the Morticians gold mine?


What a question to ask any American! To reduce a man or woman’s stomach to the likeness of a gold mine should be quite embarrassing. The whole idea that your stomach could be worth more to someone else is extremely disheartening. To think that someone else sees value in you that you do not see in yourself is frightening. You must ask yourself what my value is. When we speak of value in this article, we are speaking an exceptionally large potential of dollars from all of those who will treat you along the way to your demise.

I believe the journey starts with a baby and goes through all the steps of life until death. One passage in scripture says: Ecclesiastes 7:1 (KJV) 1 A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. This is quite a statement that makes the individual feel good if they have a good name, but some of the benefactors are looking for their payout on the day of death and others are very sorrowful because the individual may no longer be a purchaser of goods and services.

There is at least a dual effect and more for everyone that lives on the planet that happens the day we are born and continues until we close our eyes for good in death. This article is not about quantifying all the relations that occur when we are born until the day we die. Our exploration here will focus on questions asking why human beings will eat themselves into an early grave and go through life as if everything is “peaches and cream” until they meet one of the many benefactors who tells them to change their diet or be prepared to die in so many days.

The benefactors I believe are negatively cheering for the individual to slowly go through the medical system as they have challenges with their body. The slower the medical process of discovering what is wrong with the individual the more time will elapse allowing the cost to escalate and the body to breakdown. Too often the individual plays a part in the delay of time by not going to the doctor immediately when they discover something is wrong. Denial is the enemy of the individual; so are the doctors and medical people who are not as sharp as they should be in diagnosing situations.

When individuals see their body out-of-shape in comparison with what is consider the normal shape and size for their age, weight, and height you would think they would start to research how to correct the challenge or go to the nearest doctor as soon as possible. Many just keep buying clothes or they listen to their so-called friends say how cute they look. The individual denies the clothes are too tight or they have the wrong style, or some lame excuse and they continue to cater to their problem. The problem or challenge is that they have gained weight and they are out-of-control; they are fat!

They find themselves changing styles and sizes trying to appease the flesh, but they fail to address the real issue that they are obese. Camouflage is one of the greatest gifts of the imagination of some of those who are obese; they try and hide in plain sight. Not only are they obese but their gut is so far out in front of them that they can no longer see their private – for men this is most ridiculous; especially if they cannot find their private! So many women have penis envy that they do not care that their gut is hanging out they only fantasize!

The key point is that the gut is out of shape, out of proportion, collecting all kind of sickness and disease waiting for some major sickness to take control of the life. The old saying “You are what you eat” is so true; especially if you eat and eat and eat. So many just eat what they want to eat regardless of the consequences felt by their body after they consume something that is poison to them. Eating any and everything I believe is a person who was neglected as a child and has no self-esteem about them; I know this is a very general statement. I am not attempting to do full analysis of human behavior and eating disorders.

What I am attempting to do is to ruffle someone’s feathers to look at them to stop the bad behavior of eating any and everything and letting themselves go until they have a gut that is almost on the ground. I am attempting to use a very painful and annoying technique to get certain people to take an interest in learning on their own through study and research how they can get control of their own body. Remember early on I mention the medical billing process and the doctors and others who are waiting to bill for their services at the drop of a hat. People with guts are their meal ticket and subsidy for the new house, car or other toys and pleasures. They may take an oath these doctors, but I wonder how many really tell their obese patients to lose weight – now.

The reason I am writing this is because when Kaiser sent me a note and said my blood sugar did not look good; I began to do some research. I discovered even though I am of small frame I am still subject to being obese because my belly fat was showing, and I was weighting too much for my height, weight, and age. When I found out that I was close to being diagnosed with diabetes I was incredibly angry at myself for eating so many fried potatoes and onions. I knew that I had to immediately change my eating pattern permanently. You must be willing to sacrifice and change in order that your body may be in good health and come in alignment with what is necessary to keep sickness and disease away.

You say how did I find out what was about to happen to my body – research, research, and study by googling it until I found the solution I needed. Are you willing to stop listening to doctors, friends, loved ones and others and take control of your body? Know that many of the people that you talk to if they are not obese like you, they are laughing at you behind your back. Many doctors and other health professionals also are laughing all the way to the bank. How many obese doctors and health professionals have you seen lately? Is your gut the Doctors gold mine?

Are you ready to be gutless?

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