If Jesus does not come before you die, what are you going to do with your body?


You are right now saying to yourself!

“That’s not my concern!”

Burn it up and distribute the ashes over Lake Hesperia!

I cannot worry about that right now – I have too many bills.

My son or daughter will take care of that.

Why not dig a hole in the back yard and throw me in?

I am 103 and I will be here when Jesus returns! The church will take care of me.

That is too morbid for me to think about right now I am on a fast for spiritual growth!

I will donate my body to USC or UCLA!

That is none of your business.

Who cares!

What can you provide for me that am $25.00 or less per month?

I will never die!

You must be kidding me!

I wanna be buried by my momma!

Do you have a family plan?

I thought I took care of everything when I purchased my plot!

Are you trying to frighten me?

What does it cost?

Can I pay monthly?

What are the 49 things that must be done before you are buried or cremated?

Do you need to make a down payment?

What will happen if I die before I pay it off; the trustee will pay for your mortuary services!

Some family members tell their love one not to burn me up!

Now ask yourself this question: If Jesus does not come before I die, what am I going to do with my body? Now that we have most of your doubt on the table, the real issues of how we dispose of our bodies is available for discussion. We are born to die.

Someone recently told me something about death that has stuck with me and what he said to me is that we all are responsible for what happens to our bodies at death. When he said it, it sounded foreign and out of place. As I began to think about it, I realized he was right. God has loaned our body to us to use while on the earth!

I know many say it is not my job to bury myself and others have a do not care attitude about what happens to Gods’ gift to us. Still others are extremely meticulous about what happens to them at death. Some of these individuals tell their love one not to burn them up at death or they say what kind of casket they want to buried in.

The whole idea